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    Rieger Organ from Franciscan Church of Szombathely


    Szombathely is the oldest recorded city in Hungary. It was founded by the Romans in 45 AD as Savaria (Colonia Claudia Savariensum or  Claudius' Colony of Savarians) and was the capital of the Pannonia Superior province of the Roman Empire. Szombathely is known as the birthplace of Saint Martin of Tours, the Duke of Armbrust, and Rudolf Virág, Leopold Bloom's father in James Joyce's Ulysses.

    The  Franciscan Church, built in Gothic style in 1380s. In 1630 with a tower expanding and slightly modified in Baroque style. The temple main asset a picture of the altar showing the city in 1716, this is the oldest authentic portrayal about Szombathely. On the wall of the sanctuary can be seen a 14th-century Gothic fresco fragments probably depicting St. Elizabeth.

    The church's organ was built by the Rieger company in Budapest in 1938, according to plans by Lóránt Pethő. In 1986, the pneumatic organ was changed to a magnetic valves and the organ received new couplers in 2013 but did not change the original disposition.

    Szombathely is the 10th largest city in Hungary, 80,000 inhabitans. It is the administrative centre of Vas county in the west of the country, located near the border with Austria.