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    POM Organ from Catholic Church of Újpest garden-city


    Ujpest formerly an independant city, is now the fourth
    district of Budapest since her annexation in 1950. The
    current population of this traditional worker's district is 116.000

    Ujpest has two Catholic parishes. St. Stephen's parish is located in the garden-town of Ujpest.

    The construction of the neo-romanesque church began in 1942. After being interrupted by the war, it was completed in 1947 thanks to the community's engagement.
    After the first harmonium an electric organ was used for the liturgical ceremonies. Built in 2006, the mechanical two-manual organ is a typical product of the Organ Manufacturing Company of Pécs.  The coffered ceiling of this medium size modern church makes its acoustics quite dry. Nevertheless, this modern baroque organ sounds quite nicely.