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    Rieger Organ of Franciscus Church from Esztergom

    Esztergom lost a lot of civil significance when it was taken away its county as a result of the Trianon Treaty. In communist timesEsztergom further atrophied so the communists tried to reduce the influence of the Catholic Church.                                            Number of Esztergom current population of 28000.

    The cathedral of Esztergom is the largest church in Hungary.

    The first Franciscan church of Esztergom was built in 1200, but it was destroyed in the invasion of the Mongols. The current church and a Franciscan monastery was built between 1710-1755. It is the oldest baroque buildings of Esztergom.

    The original organ of the church was built in the 1720s, the builder is unknown. This organ was expanded by Jan Pažický in 1778. The organ was sold to Pusztaszabolcs parish in 1941. This organ was recently renovated and is now Hungary's most beautiful small two-manual baroque organ. This sample set is available in the offer of Inspired Acoustics

    The new three-manual 30-stops organ built by the Rieger-Budapest organ factory in 1941. The organ was designed by Joseph Geyer, who was the most famous organ specialist at the time. The Geyer's disposition combines characteristics of the baroque and romantic age, so the organ suitable playing the organ works of each style. The Franciscans had never the money to renovate the organ. Thus, the state organ is not the best, but it has retained its original status.

    Esztergom is one of the oldest Hungarian city. The time of Roman it was a garrison where Marcus Aurelius visited too. Esztergom was Hungary's center in the early Middle Ages and to this day here is the seat of the Catholic primate.